Appraising is one of our specialities at STC.  We perform the appraisal of damage every time we work on the instructions of insurance companies. Officially we began such service in 1995, when we obtained the first certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the “The Russian organization of the appraisers. Later, in 2001 and in 2005, with the modification of the legislation and demands to the estimators, the STC got the licenses from the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation permitting to carry out evaluation.



Nowadays due to abolition of evaluative activity licensing, in compliance with statutory requirement “Of the evaluative activity in the Russian Federation” our staff has become the member of the self-regulating organization of the Appraisers. We also have the licenses permitting to make appraising accordance with the Russian and international standards.


In spite of the fact that we have the appropriate licenses to make evaluations within the whole service range, the STC has chosen to specialize in the field of aircraft technology.


Our main customers are: insurance companies, airlines, banks, customs brokers, arbitration tribunals, law firms and other organizations.


We  made appraising for large groups both of Russian and Western built aircraft. We worked with the following airlines: Domodedovo airline, Polet, VIM-AVIA, East Line, Vladivostok Avia and many other airlines and organizations. We made appraising aircraft  of the United Aviation Corporation (UAC) members while uniting their  property for organization of UAC.






Our experience allows us perform high-quality evaluation.