The settlement of insurance complaint

The foundation of the STC coincided with the period of the active development and formation of the insurance in Russia. Insurance companies needed qualified help for investigation and settlement of losses, connected with damage or total loss of  aircraft and the liability before the third parties. The STC was the first company, which offered its services on solving these problems.

The insurance companies requested these services, and as the market of aviation insurance in Russia developed. Also the problems on settlement the losses at insuring the airports’ responsibility and aviation technics producers, on rendering the support at the realization of subrogation rights and other problems were added to these services.

Our specialists successfully solve all these problems. Now our company renders a large range of services, necessary for aviation insurers (insurance expertise (survey and adjusting), settlement of the insurance complaints and support at the arbitration procedures).

Due to the conciderable experience of our specialists in investigation of aviation accidents, in examining the damaged aviation technics, in settlement the insurance complaints and participation in arbitration procedures, and also efficient relations with aviation administrations, airlines and aviation technics producers in Russia and abroad we made approaches which give an opportunity to achieve great efficiency in solving the problems.

Within ten years of our work in this area Russia’s leading insurers became our clients. Insurance and reinsurance companies in London and Europe know our firm very well. We have been regularly working for them and prepare the reports in Russian and English for their use.

During our work we carried out a lot of insurance examinations and settlements of the losses, connected with aviation technics of both Russian and foreign production.


Our activity covers not only the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, but also the countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Antarctica.


Our specialists carried out the work in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Columbia, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Turkey, Finland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, , France, Ethiopia, Peru, South Sudan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bangladesh  and other countries.


Our clients are the leading Russian and foreign aviation insurers: “AlfaStrachovanie”, “Alliance”, “VSK”, “Ingosstrach”, “Lexgarant”, “Rosgosstrach”, “SOGAZ”, “VTB Insurance”, “UralSib”, “Energogarant”, “Ugoria”, “Soglasie”, “Arsenal”, “Capital Strachovanie”, “TIT”.